Health and Safety Case Study

Delivering Excellence in Health and Safety

We are driven by a commitment to excellence in our health and safety performance and reporting across our entire company. In addition to implementing robust safety management systems and creating a strong safety culture, we apply innovative approaches and deploy a variety of new technologies across our operations.

We deploy drone technology at our operations for a variety of applications. At the Seabee Gold Operation, we use drones to conduct environmental monitoring, thereby reducing the risks of deploying personnel to remote locations. This also reduces the risk of our employees coming into contact with local wildlife, including bears and wolves. Both of our surface mines use drones to conduct aerial risk assessments of post-blast fragmentation that used to be assessed in-person by walking on broken ground. By instead using drones, we reduce the exposure of workers to the safety risks of unstable ground.

We also recognize the safety and health benefits we can capture through the digitization of our operations. For example, at Puna Operations, we use a digital app to track field interactions between supervisors and workers that can include following standard operating procedures and fit-for-work status.

We also use real-time monitoring for a variety of applications. For example, the Marigold mine uses radar to conduct real-time monitoring of slope stability, which helps predict potential slope failures.

We are also deploying new technologies to provide enhanced safety training and more engaging learning experiences for our employees. At Puna Operations, we are developing virtual reality-based training modules to help improve the quality of safety training and assess competency. At the Marigold mine, we use haul truck and shovel simulators for the ongoing training of operators and to assess the competency of trainees.

These are but a few examples of how our operations are using innovation and technology to deliver on our commitment to health and safety. We will always seek further ways to make sure that we deliver excellence in line with our safety vision of Safe for Life.